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The Importance of the Circular Economy in the Climate Emergency

Most species have their own sustainable methods of surviving on this planet. The vast majority of the Earth's species has a special role to play in keeping the planet well and healthy and most species will stay within their roles and will not cause harm. Humans on the other hand are notorious for being the main culprits for the issues concerning the health of the planet. One of the largest parts of the human effect has been the way we choose to use all of the resources at our disposal.

We as a species have made a conscious decision with the way we live our lives in this world. While most species choose to take what they need from reusable sources, humans are far more likely to take from sources that are unprepared for human use. We do this with multiple forms of resources with which we then put together to create entirely new resources for all our needs. When we are done with them, we mainly choose to get rid of it entirely in such a way as to make sure it can never be used again. Then we go and restart the entire process again.

It is wrong for us to be so careless with all of our necessities of everyday life. It is an unsustainable way of life. If we continually take from multiple un-renewable sources, making those which we see as necessities which we cannot live without, and disposing of them so carelessly, then eventually we will be left with nothing that we can put to good use anymore. We will have exhausted everything. That is why we must be adopting new strategies that work more sustainably.

The best way to be achieving this would be to use renewable sources, lasting their usage time, and disposing of them in such a way that they could become something new, or re-using them. This is what is known as the Circular Economy.

This is a change we must all be prepared to make as we now head into the point of no return in this climate emergency. It is now up to us all to educate and inspire each other to make the changes we desperately need.

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