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Youth Empowerment

The youth of today are the future and without them being given a proper sense of community and empowerment they will not have the proper tools nor experience to make their own way into their futures. That is why the process of youth empowerment is so essential. They need to be encouraged to think more about their futures and how the paths they take now could impact what happens to them later in life. Youth empowerment programmes look at the specific obstacles that are holding youth back and help them to overcome them. One such method of this is by giving youth the resources and tools they need to better their life experiences. By improving the quality of life for members of the youth community then there is a better chance that it will improve their outlook on life. It is important for their well-being to get them involved in youth empowerment programmes.

There are various types of these programmes. The forms that they come across are, non-profit, government organizations, and schools and/or private organizations. In order for these programmes to make any real kind of change then they must be focusing on community building.

The general process of any youth empowerment programmes is to begin with creating the programme itself, eventually gaining recognition through being discovered, going on to prove that they can work effectively, and eventually becoming recognized as an institutional organization.

There are essential components to all forms of youth empowerment programmes that must be paid attention to. Those leading the programme must make sure that there is a sense of equity between the generations, make sure that all who are taking part are participating to the full extent. There must be a sense of democracy amongst those working together so that everyone can have their say. It cannot be entirely handled by the adults. The youth must be given roles to take and responsibilities to be given. This can help to give them a sense of leadership and an understanding of the responsibilities of life.

Youth empowerment programs can be of great benefit to young people. By getting them to participate it can help them to feel more in control of their own lives and lets them know that there are so many opportunities out there in the world for them. It may offer them a form of education that they may not have had before and will give them practice for adult responsibilities. Giving them a sense of empowerment is key to them developing into grown ups and will be a massive influence on their lives.

Empowerment can come across in many ways. It can come through as psychological, helping to feel better about themselves. It can come through in a community, helping everyone to come together and work out any issues that may arise. It can come through as organizational, showing them that they have the ability to get their life in order. It can come through as economic, helping them have a better understanding of finances than when they began. It can come through as a social shift, helping to shape their perception of their existence and of their place in the world.

Youth empowerment programmes can offer young people a better quality of life. It can help them to feel better about themselves by giving them control over their own life. They will become far more likely to make better life choices down the road and will lead with a better morality of life. They will come out of it with good connections with others which will lead to positive opportunities for the future.

Youth empowerment programmes will promote competence in young people, giving them much needed confidence. With this confidence they will be able to build new relationships that are built on trust and respect. They will also have the knowledge that their voices are being heard.

Many of these programmes target youth from areas of low economic income, so as to reach out to those most in need.

Examples of well-known youth empowerment programmes are:

Youth Empowerment Foundation:

Based in India, this non-profit organization works with young people who come from deprived areas and works to give them an education so that they have all of the necessary tools for a successful future.

Pots of Hope:

Based in Namibia, this organization focuses on teaching young people the dangers, and prevention methods, of HIV and AIDS. This is an issue many young people in deprived areas do not have much education of, nor have many forms of protection against, therefore it is brilliant that this organisation is so focused on overcoming it.

Urban 4-H:

Based in the United States, this organization focuses on expanding the social dimensions of their youth participants in order to give them various communications and better potential for their futures.

Young India Foundation:

Another organisation based in India, they focus on getting young people interested in the area of electoral politics. This is actually the first youth empowerment programme in India of this kind.

There are many reasons as to why youth empowerment programmes are so essential. The main ones are that they encourage young people to get involved more, to get their lives in order, and to build a sense of community.

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